Author/Illustrator Agreements

No one enjoys writing legal jargon and pages and pages of legal agreements, right?

That's why I've put together the most common agreements you'll need when working with an illustrator - an NDA and a Work-for-Hire agreement - and they cover everything you need as an author. It's hard to know what should be included in an agreement to protect yourself and ensure you're covering all of your bases, so you can get these pre-made template agreements here and avoid having to recreate the wheel.

What you'll get:

  • A Work-for-Hire Agreement to use when working with illustrators.
  • A Non-Disclosure Agreement to use when sending your manuscript to illustrators.
  • BONUS: A Non-Disclosure Agreement to send to editors or anyone else reviewing your manuscript. 

The best part? You get all three for only a fraction of what you'd pay to have an attorney draft up a contract for you. On average, attorneys charge anywhere from $450-$3,000 to draft one single contract. And these agreements here are specifically tailored to authors who are self-publishing a children's book and enlisting the help of an illustrator. 

All agreements are ready to go in a Word doc format for easy editing/personalization.

Grab these plug-and-play agreements and start protecting yourself and your work now!

$197.00 USD

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